how to date a girl in facebook

Many people thinks dating a girl or a boy online is impossible and even improper, but that is a lie i have seen a lot of couples that started online.

The largest market place in the world has is all “FACEBOOK” yes you Can actually take your facebook friendship to reality, “how” let me show you!!!


1.GOOD PROFILE PICTURES: having nice photos in your facebook album can actually make someone fail you.

2.YOUR INFORMATION: matters a lot “birds of the same feather fly together. What you write in your facebook profile info says who you are, so the same group of persons will be interested in you.

3.YOUR COMMENT: your comment is what you think, what you think is who you are.


1.Ask him or her to invert you to another of their social network page like “twitter,2go,google+ and linkedin, so that you know if their info in facebook is correct and it will make you know each other more.

2.Send direct message: most girls don’t like posting personal message like love or business in their wall is better you send a direct message.

3.Don’t send to much message it make me angry, getting too much messages daily from one person.

4.Send reasonable text the more you motivate and inspire her, the more she fails for you.

5.Send little real gifts: like real things maybe in birthdays or an emergency.


1.Don’t be in a hurry, you don’t know each other so give time to understand your self.

2.Don’t ask for any thing, asking for something will make it look like fraud.

3.Don’t give too much.

4.Answer 70% question leave 30% unanswered.

5. Give 60% correct personal information, give 20% wrong thwn leave 20% unanswered.


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