how i made my first 50 dollar online

today i decided to highlight on how i started making money online, because of various calls and emails i have been getting from people asking me ( how do you really make money online)
i started blogging last year 2012, when i started blogging it was because of the love i have for blogging, the joy of i have a blog was enough for me, but after some time, i read alot of article online, bought ebook, bought torturing videos, attended online seminar(webnimar) create close relationship with some blogger among other things but with hard work and effect i started making money early enough with me blog without affiliate marketing or selling advertising space in my blog..
i made my first $50 online in the month February this year but ever since then my income has been increasing because i am also putting in more effort on a daily basis….

1. my first $15 came from creating a blog for somebody. since my blog is mostly about “HOW TO” DO IT YOUR SELF” MAKE MONEY” some people who visit my blog, ask me to create a blog like “my” for them or teach them how to create one. by February i created 4 blogs for different people charging them $15 each.

2. the same month i created 5 different ebook, which i placed in my blog, from February to june, i have sold 5 copies on each one of them, even sold up to 10 copies for some.

3. i create, maintain and manage facebook page for people, i have created up to 6 facebook page for individuals and small scale business owners charging them $10-15 each, and currently i am managing facebook page for 2 different people, who i help post updates, pictures and videos and also promoting their product on the page with my skills , and i am charging $25 from each of them every month. (sound funny but people re making it big there)

4. tutoring:
i teach people how to do “things” online and offline like:
•how to create ebook and make money from it.
•how to create blogs and website
•how to make money online and others
•how to import laptops for europe to Africa
•how to import cars.

5. i create and sale blogs.

6. guest posting:
people call me for guest posting, newbies to blogging even professionals. and am charging $5 per post, discount depend on amount of posts.

7. bulk sms:
on valentine’s DAY, on children’s DAY and on mother’s day, i made more than $80 on each of this days with bulk sms after paying for the subscription i still make above $80.

today am making good income online with my blogs and it is very easy, any body can do this, before i started blogging i had no idea about blogging but today i am making good money online.. don’t just read and goo to bed take active steps…
call me for any assistance 08149273751
or join us on facebook “firstlander” goodluck!!! Get my newly completed ebook here


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