How Can I Increase My Blog Traffic for Free?

Traffic is the back bone of every blog. Without visitors, your blog content is useless because no one is reading what you offer or teach. Many bloggers get frustrated and quit blogging if they can’t get their blogs noticed. Below are some tips that would surely help you increase your blog traffic. 1. Social Media
Successful bloggers uses social media strategies to build their blog popularity. With Facebook and Twitter having millions of users, failing to syndicate your blog content to these platforms is a big mistake.
Try opening a Facebook and Twitter account for your blog and syndicate each post you make to those accounts. There are free services like “Twitter Feed”, “Networked Blogs” that can automatically do that for you. You can read: ” How To Make Blog Post Automatically Appear On Facebook and Twitter” to learn how I use those two services.
Apart from syndication, making your content easy to share is also a good strategy to increase your blog traffic. All you need to do is allow people to share your posts to different social media platforms to your blog and see how popular your posts would be. You can install the floating share barto allow your readers share your posts with ease.
Moreover, do not under estimate the power of Linkedin,, Stumbleuponand Google+. You can also check out : ” Traffic-Pulling Formulas for Posting on Facebook”. 2. Domain Name
Buying a domain namefor your blog can give you a world wide exposure. A domain name is a blog online identity, and if you are using a free domain name like. wordpress.comor., there is a good chance of people to think less of it.
Furthermore, blogs using free domain names rarely rank as good as blogs with custom domain names in search engines. Though I know many popular blogs that are still using.blogspot, the chance of making it with free a domain name is very low. If you are still using a free blogspot address, you can consider changing it to a custom domain. 3. Guest Blogging
Writing articles for other blogsgives bloggers an opportunity promote their blogs. This can be done by attaching a link back to their blogin the articleorin the author bio. This would help increase your blog traffic as well Google ranking.
Imagine, what you stand to gain if you write guest posts for sweetlife51; a blog with over 1,000 RSS subscribers, thousands of Facebook fans and twitter followers. 4. SEO
For you to rank high in search results, search engines must be able to determine that your site is relevant to the search queries people are using to find the information your niche covers.
You should consider learninghow to use Google Keyword toolwhen composing your posts and make sure your target keyword appears in your post url, title, first paragraph and throughout the contentbut do not over-do it. Put your readers in mind when writing your posts.
You can download free SEO ebook from Googleto learnwhite-hat search engine optimization tricksyou can be implementing on your blog.
Finally, other practices like submitting sitemapsand pinging your blog to search enginescan very helpful in increasing your blog traffic.
Do you know other ways of increasing blog traffic? Please. let me hear from you via comments.
This post was written byIbrahim Abdullahi.Heis an engineering student and a full-time blogger that writes about anything related to blogging and technology in his ArewaTech Blog. You can follow him on Twitter: @Abdul_IG

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