7 best ways to boost your blog Traffic

1. Write Good Content
Everybody knows this but it is just not enough to know,act. Act now and start writing good posts. There are many reasons your posts might not be good; some of which aregrammatical errors,spelling mistakesandpoor articulation.
You can improve on all these by taking English lessons and reading more. Spelling mistakes can be corrected to a large extent if you type your articles in MS Word first before copying to your online post editor. You can also check out, Yomi Obadina’s guest post on ” 4 Ways To Avoid Common Typos/Grammatical Errors In A Blog Post”. 2.OfferRSS Subscription
Many first time visitors will come to your blog, get the information they need and never come back. RSS subscription is a means to convert them on their first visit to become regular readers. Hence, make sure you make your RSS subscriptiion box, links or icons very visible on your blog.
There are many tricks you can use in making RSS subscribers visit your blog. Put a video in your post and see many of them come to your site to view it. If you are using Feedburner to publish your feeds,enable social sharing buttons in your feeds. This way, your subscribers can share your posts to social networks via their email, browser or rss reader. This really creates more social media presence for your blog.

3. Guest Posting
If you don’t know about guest posting, then you are probably new to blogging. Some blogs allow you to write guest postsand publish on their website. If you write well and you are able to get your post published on sites with high PR and large readership, you are on your way to getting massive traffic. This is possible because you are allowed to add at least one link back to your blog in your byline and you are sure to get quality backlinks to your blog. RSS subscription also can come in handy here because if you offer it, you can convert some of this traffic to regular readersof your blog.
Making a guest post on this site you aPR 3backlink. Aside from this, you have the chance to showcase your blog in your byline to9018 RSS subscribers,thousands of Facebook fans and twitter followers. These are the figures at the time of publishing this post and they keep increasing by the day. Now you see how guest posts can help your blog?

4. Review Websites and Interview The Big Bloggers
This method is known as link baiting. You canwrite a review about a website that offers a unique serviceand let them know about it. They would normally want their users to see it that they are getting credit for what they are doing and might feature your post on their website or simply link to it. You can check out examples of websites reviews here.
You can alsointerview the big bloggers in your nicheand and they should normally talk about this on their blog. Everyone likes been treated like they are one of the best at what they do.

5. Social Networking
Social networks are great to get awareness and promote your blog. Making use of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg, Pinterestand more like that will surely increase your site popularity. Create a Facebook pagefor your blog, have twitter handle and register on as many dofollow social bookmarking sites you can find in your niche.
There is one experience I had on social media liketwo months ago that brought an entertainment blog that I manage into so much light. Somehow I was able to get photos from the birthday party of a popular artist and I published them. The artist in question saw it and retweeted to around 500,000 followers. The blog traffic was never the same afterwards.

6. Blog Commenting
I’m not just telling you to start commenting to getbacklinks here. No, this is more than that. There is a trick you must know in blog commenting-be the first to comment. This way the blogger will notice you and might even check out your blog link and visit it. I have tried this and it worked like it’s programmed. Some readers that will comment immediately after you may even check your blog out.

7.Paid Advertisement
The first six ways above are just the important ones you can start with and all of them arefreetoimplement. If you want to go a step further, you can pay forGoogle AdwordsandFacebook adstopublicize your new blog. You can check out ” basics of Facebook advertising” if you are interested in using Facebook ads to promote yourblog. “PLACE AN ADVERTISEMENT HERE” for low price and get Quality Traffic daily: http://www.naijalife51.blogspot.com/2013/08/advertise-and-promote-your-business.html?m=0

I hope you find this quite informative.
If you’ve got any question, addition or subtraction concerning this article, kindly relay your comments in the box below

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