5 blogging sins you must avoid

Blogging online is a popular tool for many users and while it is not a new platform for most marketers, it is one that can be utilized in many different ways. Some use it for different interests like sports, video games, politics, or
anything else that they have a particular passion for or an opinion on. It should be noted that while blogging is largely a freedom of expression for many, there are still some “blogging sins” that should be avoided like the plague if you want to keep interested readers coming back for more on your blogs

1. Do not ever consider being a person that will simply beg for money.
It is one that can quite frankly rub people the wrong way. Making posts about wanting money for whatever reason can really get under a person’s skin. I know this sounds basic, but you
may be surprised by how many blogs like this there are out there (especially with today’s economy!). Of course it should be noted that it is an entirely different situation if you are writing to help a charity; but it’s another to be doing it for selfish reasons.

2. Avoid having too many sales at one time. This is one of the main things to keep in mind if you are blogging for business. It is one thing to have one every once in a while. It is another to go
about doing it for the sake of doing so. Limit it as much as possible and do it only every so often. When it is done on a frequent and regular basis, then that means the person is desperate and has nothing going on whatsoever.

3. Do Not change your opinion because it’s not popular. Everyone changes their mind about something. If you’re going to do that, explain why and give it a
legit reason. If you do that, then it might look better than simply changing for no real reason. Blogs are all about having an opinion and voicing it, but stick to your principles and never flip flop your opinion simply because it is receiving a negative response.

4. Don’t be a “lazy blogger.”
Forget about blogs in general, it can happen at any time when a person can get lazy for whatever reason. Try to stay as fresh as possible. Keep your thoughts fresh and unique, post when you have something interesting to say not simply
because you feel like you should get your content updates. Remember if you are being lazy and churning out blog posts that are boring to you, they will be boring to your readers as well. One
thing that has to be taken into account is that if it becomes too much of a chore, then it may not be worth doing so much. Take a rest and then come back to it trying to keep up posting quality. material.

5. Avoid being just plain mean.
It’s a feeling humans feel all the time because they didn’t get what they wanted. Do not use that as an outlet to just jump out and criticize someone else. When something gets featured
and it’s not yours, it’s a blow to the ego. Just simply don’t worry about it and try to improve your own blog.

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