Top 5 profitable blogging niche

1. Technology:
Technology is the most popular and the most chosen niche, when it comes to blogging. It’s mainly because of the fact that technology is growing rapidly, and hence you won’t run out of ideas to write blog posts.
Another major reason why people choose technology as their blogging niche, is because that articles related to technology gets way more views and responses than any other niche. Therefore, you can see most of the bloggers starting a tech blog nowadays.
Technology niche covers a wide arena of topics which includes Smartphones, Electronics, and other technological leads. If you don’t want to focus on the entire tech niche, then you can dive
in and choose sub-niche’s like Android and write blog posts related to these sub-niche’s only

2. Entertainment :
Entertainment niche is a vast niche, like
technology. If you choose an entertainment niche for your blog, then you’ll need to update your blog multiple times a day, as you lots of updates
every day. Entertainment niche mainly covers celebrities, movies, music etc. Celebrity Gossips is the most popular sub-niche in entertainment, and writing
about these gossips can really fetch you many readers [because we all love gossips) Another popular sub-niche in the entertainment zone is movie reviews. Many people love to search for reviews about their favorite movies,
before they actually plan to watch it. And if you can review movies, within a few days to releasing, then you can really choose movie reviews as your blogging niche.

3. Health:
In our modern society, health plays an important role. People always try to stay healthy, and also tries to gain as much as health tips as possible. Therefore, many people subscribe to such health
blogs to get the latest health tips and precautions, without actually visiting a doctor ! But building a successful health niche blog needs a lot of hard work. As the facts and tips you post must be relevant to the time, valid and helpful
for the people. One major sub-niche on health is seasonal health. Providing health tips based on seasons and climate, can be really profitable.

4. News:
News is yet another possible niche. Nowadays, busy lifestyles of people are not allowed then to tune in to televisions and radios, and be updated
with the local or international news. Instead, they subscribe to popular news websites, so that they get their news delivered on-time, without the need of tuning in to it. Building a news site is a very huge and responsible task. As to build a successful news site, you need to be precise, accurate and quick in publishing each content. Publishing news content as soon as possible will
fetch you more visitors to your site, as people will be curious to know about the news you’re publishing.
A successful news site has many reporters and covers almost all possible niche’s. There is specifically no unique niche for news websites. Therefore, to build a successful news site, you need a team of at least 2-3 members working actively.

5. Choose The Niche That Suits You The Best !: Last but not the least, I would like to conclude by saying that “What Niche You Choose Doesn’t Matter”, but how you perform in your selected niche really matters. While choosing for a niche to blog on, always choose a niche of which you’re aware of. Choose a niche, of which you have proper awareness off.

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