7 Facebook Marketing Rules You Should Know

1: Don’t be a Salesperson on Facebook.
It is true that Facebook is a great place to
promote and advertise a product, but it must not be mistaken with an open market. It would be a huge error to think that people enter Facebook to buy something. Also, even if they feel forced or persuaded to buy anything, the seller will lose all his chances and he will no
longer be able to make any progress.
Moreover, anyone who wants to market and sell an item on Facebook and convince users of its qualities and benefits, it will firstly have to build a relationship with the website’s fans. People have to be offered value, without being requested anything. After doing this for a while the situation will return in their favor and everything will turn out just fine.
I would like to give you a personal piece of advice. Never think of Facebook as a pure advertising platform. It’s important to understand this before thinking of a business plan. Users will immediately know that you’re a marketer and that you’re trying to sell them something. This turns people off.

2: Facebook Ad Testing, Testing and Testing Until it Works
Those who want to promote a product through Facebook should always split-test their Facebook Ads. Each ad converts in a different way on the site; they never look the same and while some can be really good and draw the attention of
hundreds of visitors, some are really useless. Thus, you must be willing to try several versions to find the best one.
Many people forget this aspect or simply chose not to do it and their business suffer. They blame their failure on Facebook, despite the fact that the site itself has nothing to do with it. Good,
well-made ads attract customers, making them interested and increases the chance for them to click the ad are higher. It is a fact tested and proven by many, even by me, a big fan of Facebook Ads. Never forget to split-test your ads!

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3: Stop Updating Your Page At Work (Unless It’s Business)
Just because you are advised to keep your pages updated, this doesn’t mean you are advised to do it all the time. This is especially so for employees who are
working in the office for someone else, if their colleagues or boss saw their updates during office hours, it usually sets off an alarming question…what is he or she doing on Facebook during office hours?
Do you know some Facebook games
automatically updates your Facebook wall post by announcing to the world that you have leveled up? Oh my gosh…
A good time to post a catchy update could be in the morning, when you’re fresh and the ideas are just screaming to get out of your head.

4: Don’t Be Too Negative
It’s hard not to dislike people who are constantly complaining on their Facebook pages. They will never make their businesses thrive if they keep blabbing about how cruel the world can be. Try
to stay positive no matter what and you’ll
certainly keep people intrigued.
Negative thinking will only push people away from your page and personal account. Good and uplifting updates keep them addicted.


5: Don’t Talk Dirty About Your Competitors
Let’s not be cynical because it’s not nice. It’s true we all have competitors but talking bad about them will only bring trouble. Online, especially on Facebook, the competition is fierce. Your
business page must be constantly updated with useful information in order to keep your fans entertained. Don’t talk bad about your competitors, and focus on smart strategies to stay in the top. Be friendly, and you’ll manage to gain even more success.

6: Keep It Simple And Don’t Reveal Too Much It’s ok to share photos and videos, but you know what they say, sometimes too much information can harm you. How can you stay interesting if you decide to put everything out there?
It’s important to keep your business enticing and captivating for your future fans by revealing information with moderation. Remember, keep it simple. Simple is beautiful and effective.

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7: Avoid Being Rude or Cruel
Rule number 7 is absolutely critical and that’s why I’m advising you all to be careful. Being rude could start a flaming war where two parties just keep shooting rude remarks at each other, worse still, it could be in public. How would it reflect on the person’s character? Would you choose to work with such a person? Would you hire such a person?
Jealousy and rudeness won’t help your business succeed. Instead, it may make others label you as a troublemaker and a negative person. Bad news can spread like wildfire, so does a bad reputation.
It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll


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