6 Blogging Errors that Can Ruin Your Blog

Today on this blog, I’ll be exposing you to 6 Blogging Errors that have killed thousands of blogs. I believe your joy is to see your blog soar high and not die. Then, you’ve to master these 6 little Errors that have ruined many blogs out
there. I want to explain this as brief as possible so just open your mind towards this post In 3 minutes time, you’re done reading.

1. Neglect of Personal Branding
If you fail to brand your blog, believe me your blog is going nowhere. Personal branding is very important. This is what the big bloggers out there have been using to promote their blogs. Many new bloggers fail to understand this and it
has been the major stumbling block for their blogs success. Successful bloggers are those that have been able to brand their blogs. Branding your blog will help you to earn your deserved voice in the blogosphere; when you fail to do this, your blog is certain to remain unknown.
A blogger recently asked us why his two year old blog has failed to remain recognized despite his great contents and good knowledge of SEO. I immediately checked out his blog and the answer
was very obvious;

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2. Neglect of SEO
I laugh at many bloggers who claim not to be concerned about search engine optimisation. I’m sure you’re aware that most of the traffic directed to your site is from search engines. Though, there are other ways of getting traffic to your blog, search engine remains the number one
source of traffic to your website.
Many new bloggers claim learning SEO is very stressful so they just write their posts and ignore. building it up for search engines. These categories of bloggers are the ones whose blogs fail in few months of existence. Ask me why?
Yes, their blogs fail since 80% of traffic to their blogs will be from search engines and getting highly ranked on search engines is through Search Engine Optimization, then the answer is just as simple as the formula below. No SEO = Low SERPs Rank = Low Traffic = Dead
blog. Now you can see why making your post search engine friendly is very good.

3. Neglect of Blog Security
Recently a top blog got hacked with the blogger losing over 200 posts. Your blog security should not be treated with levity. As hackers are getting more dangerous day by day, so must your blog security get tighter! Don’t allow your blog to fall a victim of these attacks when you’ve the opportunity to protect your blog with many security plugins out there.

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4. Not Replying to Insightful Comments
Readers don’t visit your blog for fun except if you run a comedy blog. They’ve come for the purpose of seeking solutions to their problems. Your post is of no use when you don’t provide
answers to the questions asked in the comment section. You should understand that your blog only exists because you still have them. If you want them to
believe that our blog is about them and not you, then you’ve to answer their questions and appreciate people who state how your post has helped them.
Imagine how confused a student will be when he is taught a whole new topic without being allowed to ask questions. This is exactly how your readers feel when you don’t answer their questions on your blog. Of course, you may not
know it all; the best thing is to provide a useful link to a source that has their answers. Many bloggers don’t like doing this because they feel it is a waste of time. This is an erroneous belief, replying to comment will only increase
readers’ confidence in your blog and help you gain more trust from them.
But if you choose to ignore comments, then your readers will have to wander off to a greener pastures where their questions will be answered and appreciated. This’ll slowly lead to a dying
traffic. Again remember,
A Blog without Traffic = A Dying blog.

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5. Not Backing Up Your Blog
I talked earlier about a top blogger whose blog got hacked. This blogger made not just the Error of having a weak security defence but also failed to back up his file before the attack. Although you won’t know whether or not a hack attack is coming your way, it is essential to always back up your file which includes your
posts. Many professional bloggers are always too engrossed with the writing process of Blogging that they forget how disastrous it is to lose their files.
Apart from getting hacked, there’re many more ways you can lose your blog files therefore prevention is better than cure. Even in this case, there is no cure, once you lose your files without having them backed up there is no way to go about it than starting again. Smart bloggers understand how important it is to back up their blog files.

6. Not Networking with other Bloggers Many new bloggers are too shy to introduce their blogs to experienced blogger; the
fear of rejection has gotten over them.
This will retard the growth of your blog. Of course almost everyone has once been rejected. You’ve to connect yourself to other bloggers whether big or small. Failure to do this leads to a stunted blog; the truth is you can’t blog alone. You need people to refer you if your blog is to
grow fast.


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