5 Great Reasons You Should Start Guest Blogging Today

Guest blogging is no longer a new term in
blogosphere, and I believe you must have heard
of it by now. Guest blogging is the greatest blog
promotion tool and content marketing strategy
that is available to bloggers in this era; we have
seen so many bloggers that have built a top blog
by leveraging other blogs audience via guest
Guest blogging is majorly the topic everywhere
now; you will hardly find a blog that does not
have a post on guest blogging or a blog that does
not accept guest posts. It is normal for you to be
skeptical about this new content marketing
approach [guest blogging], you may be thinking
why can’t I put those content on my blog instead
of using it as a guest post? I believe you have this
mindset because you have not actually seen what
guest blogging has to offer.
To help clarify things, I will be sharing with you
today, 5 Great Benefits you can derive from guest
#1. Position Yourself as
an Authority and Expert
Guest blogging is a great opportunity to
showcase your expertise on a particular subject,
it is a natural phenomenon for people to follow
and read blogs by authors they trust. If you are
just starting out or if you have been blogging for
a while with little or no recognition, guest
blogging and help you to get out there.
When you guest posts on top blogs in your niche,
the loyal readers of these blogs will know about
you and your blog from there and there is a high
chance of them visiting your blog and eventually
subscribing to you. So, guest blogging can help
you leverage the credibility of top bloggers in
your niche to build your own credibility and
position yourself as an authority.
#2. Get Exposure to New
Exposure is one of the most important benefits
of guest blogging, when you guest post on other
blogs, you create awareness for your brand and
your blog. The audience on the host blog will get
to know that you and your blog exist; you will get
the chance of getting known by a large targeted
audience which you will naturally not be able to
reach easily.
Increasing brand and blog recognition is really
important for you as a blogger; this is the only
way by which you can build a successful and
profitable blog.
#3. Quality Backlinks to
Your Blog
Link Building is an important part of SEO every
blogger must not ignore, the more quality links
you have, the better you blog search rankings
and Guest blogging is one of the safest method of
building quality backlinks to your blog.
In recent times we have witnessed how search
engines are trying to improve the search result
pages and penalizing sites that engage in link
spamming activities; with guest blogging, you can
never face any search engine link spam penalty,
you blog will always be safe because the
backlinks you are getting are from reputable
Usually, when you guest post, you will have the
opportunity of adding one or two links to your
blog, so make sure you use this links wisely and
use a targeted anchor text for your links.
#4. Free Traffic
If you are looking for free traffic, I believe guest
blogging can help you with that . Apart from
the SEO benefits that you will get from your
links, you can also get a ton of traffic via guest
blogging. This is because when people read your
guest posts and they find it informative, they will
want to know where you come from and to see if
they can learn more from you and this will
prompt them to click through to your blog.
So, if you are writing guest posts for traffic
purpose, strife to provide value, the kind of
value that will tempt people to click through to
your blog; this will not only get you traffic, but it
will also help you to get new readers.
#5. Networking and
Relationship Building
Guest blogging will also give you the opportunity
to network and build relationship with Top
bloggers and leaders in our niche. Most top
bloggers read top blogs, so when you guest post
on top blogs, it is an avenue for you to meet and
interact with top bloggers that usually read that
blog and this will help you to build your network.
As a blogger, you need to have a strong network
with other bloggers, this will make it easy for you
to spread your brand image and create a buzz
about yourself and your blog.
Here we are, we have successfully gone through
some benefits you can derive from guest
blogging, I do guest post on other blogs and I can
tell you that the experience have been great!
Over to You
Do you think Guest Blogging really Works or
just over-hyped? Let us know your view on guest
blogging by leaving a comment below.
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