how to monitor your twitter followers and unfollowers

My young friend the other day was telling me about his situation on twitter having just 30 followers while he is following 250 people, and the main problem Is that he don’t even know who’s not following back, and this is the situation Of many people on twitter”
So i did a little research and i came up with
UNFOLLOWERS.ME is a website that is set up and program to manage and have a view of your twitter account.
All you have to do is visit the site, then login with your twitter account details, then you will see all your twitter activities in arrange in form.
Your newly followers
Your total Followers
Your newly unfollowers
People you are following that are not Following you back.
People that are following you that you are not following back.
Everything will be display for to rearrange, like follow some people back, unfollow some people and others.


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