Facebook Statistics And facts

1. Barack Obama’s victory Facebook post was the most liked photo on Facebook with over 4 million likes. (source: The Huffington Post)

2. 25 percent of users on Facebook don’t bother with any kind of privacy control. (source: AllTwitter)

3. An average Facebook users has 130 friends. (source: AllTwitter)

4. Monthly active users now total nearly 850 million. (source: Jeff Bullas)

5. 21 percent of Facebook users are from Asia, which is only less than 4 percent of Asia’s population. (source: Uberly)

6. 488 million users regularly use Facebook mobile. (source: All Facebook)

7. Brazil publishes the most number of posts out of all Facebook countries. More than 800 Pages kept their Facebook walls busy with almost 86 thousand posts per month. (source: Socialbakers)

8. 23 percent of Facebook’s users check their account 5 or more times daily. (source: Socialnomics)

9. Facebook hosts 42 million “Pages” with 10 or more likes. (source: Jeff Bullas)

10. More than 1 million websites have integrated with Facebook in various ways. (source: Uberly)

11. 85 percent of women are annoyed by their friends on Facebook. (source: AllTwitter)

12. Facebook has seen a 41 percent growth in active users from Russia, South Korea, Japan, India and Brazil during 2012. (source: DreamGrow)

13. 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. (source: Jeff Bullas)

14. As of 2012, 210,000 years of music have been played on Facebook. (source: Gizmodo)

15. Links about sex are shared 90 percent more than any other link. (source: AllTwitter)

16. As of 2012, 17 billion location-tagged posts and check-ins were logged. (source: Gizmodo)

17. 80 percent of social media users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook. (source: Business2Community)

18. 43 percent of Facebook users are male, while 57 percent of Facebook users are female. (source: Uberly)

19. As of April, Zygna’s games revenue was 12 percent of Facebook’s total income. (source: Jeff Bullas)

20. A whopping 77 percent of B2C companies and 43 percent of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook. (source: Business2Community)


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