how to purchase product directly from china

if you are interested in buying and importing goods for china to anywhere in africa then this post is for you, you can now start buying and importing goods from china without leaving your room and without sending money through any third party.
the best thing about buying goods from china is that it has become easier, safer, stressless and simple unlike the USA and UK.
one of the website is this website enables buyers and sellers come together and discuss.

STEP INVOLVE IN MAKING YOUR PURCHASE have to search the website for any product you intend to buy.

2.check the description for the product detail and it’s function.

3.then click on checkout/ buy.

4.make payment for the product via ecrow or credit card. will receive your product within 3-7 day through any chosen courier service.

6.confirm the receipt of the goods delivered and then release payment.
alibaba is not the only website that is safe to buy product we are still working on other website to see how good they are.

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