making money on facebook

This article is really going to teach You how you can easily make money with facebook.

You know before now i always think facebook is for chatting only but i have found out that, in the “giant” social networking site, anybody can easily make money with facebook if you have the right “technic” and idea
With the help of application development and other ideas, one can easily make an income from facebook, this is how!!!


1.GAME: if you can develop facebook game application, you can give it to public to play for free, but you can make money from it by,
*buy upgrade*
**buy a specific weapon**
**buy game credit to purchase items.

2.BIRTHDAY CARDS AND GIFTS: if you can create a birth application where people can buy birthday cards, drinks, gift for their friends even” wedding gift, anniversary gift, or church programs cards for their friends i seen a lot of guys that are making money from this.

3.Advertising: if you have a good friends amount or a lot of fan in facebook, you can advertise for some guys like** young musical stars**local businesses**even companies*

4.Sale product: if are a business person, then facebook is the right market with over 1 billion active users, you can make a lot of sales. e.g
Take some of your active product with little distributions and information on how to purchase them.

5.Advertise your self: since your friends are from your environ you can easily inform them about your product and services.

6.saling account: this is like spam But you can make a lot from this, how?
If you can train up multiple account or page having a lot of friends and fans in each account you can sale them to young companies, musical stars that don’t want to spend time looking for fans and friends, sale for them and all they have to do is change the information.

7.Sell music: with application like “musicblast” you can sale music with it from «» and earn 5% for song each song sold

8.With “APPLICATIONS” like
Flametunes, Ebay and other you can use them to sale on facebook and earn a lot of income Good luck!!! “Like” our page on facebook to learn more about how to make money on facebook @


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