mysterious quote that are sometime lies

most time we hear,say alot of quote that are some times mysterious, quote that are lies, ok let’s view some….

1.BE NICE TO EVERY BODY: a friend of my once said to me that BEEN in a battle field is safer than been nice to everybody because actually that’s impossible, you must displease some to please, at time even your self.

2.HOPE: most times maybe you don’t need hope, you need step up, we need action and start up’s, you don’t hope for a better tomorrow, while you sleep with your hands in your pants and hoping for a better tomorrow.
tomorrow is never going be better if you don’t venture out of your comfort zone.

3.AM not afraid to fail: believe me when i say this world is 70% wrong, i mean am not going to put my hard earn money, time and energy on something am not even sure is going to work out well.. it’s natural for us to fear, it make’s us human.

4.TREAT people the way you want them to treat you: sometime this is wrong,at times, it goes like this “treat people the way they treat you. The ways champions think


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