how to make money with BBM

yes it’s very possible to make good money with blackberry messenger, because this is something am using currently and i am going to show you how….
first of all like normal ways to make money with your SITE, you must have high traffic of visitors to your blog same with BBM before you can make money with it you must have high amount of “BBM contact” maybe up to 1000 and above and there are many ways you can get even more that amount of bbm contact
1. naijaping
3. researcher how to get more blackberry ping from this blog.

step 1: you need to have up to 1000 bbm contacts.
step 2: then you will create “NEW CATEGORY CONTACT: go to your bbm application then click on menu to create the “new category contact” here you will be able to add any body you want, with this process “you will be able to send massages” to all the contacts in your new category contact “ONCE” and they will receive the massage ONCE, they cant refuse or leave the category because they cant, you are the only one able, to remove and add anybody.
now all you have to do is start operation….it actually depend on how good you are on creativity, to be able to see the potentials of this service.

1. if you have a product or services you offer online or even offline this is one of the best way to advertise them, imagine telling more than 1000 people about your product and services with instant massage delivery, even TV stations and facebook cant beat THIS, all you have to do is take picture and write a short massage that describes the product you are offering, then post it in your “new category contact” and once they will all receive your massage, this will give you direct access to your customers,

2.ADVERTISEMENT: you can make money with this by advertising other people’s or company goods and services, and get paid can start operating seminar with this service

4.for ebusiness (online business) ecommerce, even anyone that has the desire to make money online

5.just think of any problem you can use this service to solve…. people always want a problem solver… THINK
But all this will work perfectly if you have a blog or website, learn how to create one here


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