how to read and understand

Are you aware that
reading is the most
important skill a student
can get free of
charge ?,

Today we will be listing the top 10
guides on how to read
and understand as well
as remembering what
you read. To understand
and remember more of what you read, you will
need to do the following:

1: Always have a purpose for reading.
That is , Decide what
information you want ,
or expect to find , in
what you read.

2: When you read, Try to form the mental
images of the scene or
action described in what
you read. That is , Try
to see things in your ”
Mind ‘s eye” as you read.

3: Constantly monitor what you read to see if
you understand what
you are reading,
Constantly think about
what the sentence
or paragraph you read meant. If you do not
understand what you
just read, Reread it.

4: Predict what the next sentence
or paragraph or
chapter would be as you

5: Make notes about important points , Bear
in mind
that writing helps you
to remember what you
read better.

6: Try practicing summarizing –
include only important

7: Discuss what you have read with your
friends or classmate

8: Predict Questions, Which the teacher
might ask on your
notes or passage.
Answer these questions
orally or in writting.

9: Constantly ask yourself who, what,
when, where , how and
why as you read On

10 : Practice Spaced review. That is , Try to
review briefly immediately
after study. Then
review weekly or
periodically. and We bet
that with all these guides above you will
find yourself smashing


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