champions mind set

talking about the mind set of a champion, now there are two different topic here, which are

1.THE MINDSET: the mind set and how it affect us as humans, the mind set of a man is the inner part of a man, because what a man thinks, that is what he does and that is what he is, not until we start thinking positively, we can never do something positive.

2.CHAMPION: a champion is any body that has the ability to learn from mistakes, they think positively and achieves the impossible.

Now having the mind set of a champion, is doing what ever it take, to get where you want, not be forcing other to get want you want, because champion lead by example, by going extra mile to do your best, not only to satisfy your self, but also to benefit other.
Champions are not made from tournament, competition, school or heritage,“ NO” but champions are made from the heart of answers, they appear in time’s of troubles, champion is not a title, it’s not written in their head, but you can know with the way they talk, works, thinks and do things, champions show true courage of tenderness, championship is all about practice, getting the best out of you to accomplish great things, champion are not afraid of mistake’s because they are ready to learn from it , somebody early told me that, this world is not about the poor and rich but its about LEARNERS and nor LEARNERS, but here are some way you can develop the. MIND SET OF A CHAMPION

1.Take challenges whole heatedly.
2.Focus in you goal.
3.Maintain a positive attitude
4.Learn how to deal with failures
5.Learn from mistake’s
6.Develop winning heart and plan
7.Maintain mental toughness after set back

Pls leave a comment and help me answer this question

If you were a boy or a girl of 18 years old and you were given 1 MILLION dollars what will you do with it pls answer to help others


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