things you must know before starting any business

This is a most know to every new and old persons in the business world!!!
A business without a plan is like a house built upon the sea that can flute away any time, but in this article ‎​i will be sharing some tips every business person should know..

1. Don’t underestimate your business plan, don’t disperse you little beginning.

2. Don’t ever enter a business without a plan: you must go in with something on your mind or you will come out with nothing on your hands.

3. Don’t employ friend or families when starting a business.

4. Don’t be afraid to fail: the greatest to success is the fear of failure.

5. You will need more skill to keep you improving.

6. You need to be patience !!! ROME was not built in one day, all you need perseverance follow your plan.

7. You must first determine the business that suit you best.

8. Set up a marketing plan.

9. Think of partnership and allies

10. Spend more time to learn more about your product.

11. Experience: work for, or with some one who know and has succeed in what you hope to do.

12. Follow your passion, your desire, do what you enjoy doing.

13. Set up an advertising plan.

14. Know your employee, understand them and let them understand you.

15. Set expectation, aim high.

See you in the land where impossible becomes possible.


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