Piece of advise for first time entrepenneurs

Surround yourself with the best talent you can, the top people you can find they worth the cost. Do everything you can to hire,retine, and motivate them.
Fine partners who are experts in the area you aren’t, who possess the talent that you are lacking. As a first time entreprenneur, your idea is going to change, the monetization strategy may pivot, consumers adoption may stall, and things could get dire. You need a solid group around you to successfully build your ideas and execute them.

1.work with people that are better than you.
2.dont be threnatened by who know more than you.
3.admit you dont know ALL and always be ready to learn from those who can
4.dont be afraid to sunk cost: as your ideas, strategy and goals change you are going to incur sunk cost, not everything is FREE

you become like the people you surround yourself with, so set yourself up for success early on.


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