5 step to help to build a million dollar out of any business

1•CRAFT THE FIRST CREATION: everything you see around you today was created twins “HOW” before a building is built, it will exist first in the architectural drawing book, everything around us today existed first in the thought of their creators, people who take Giant business start with an END in their mind, don’t bother starting if you have not pictured the future of that your business, you have to picture 10years from now, you have to set your goal and keep on working hard today what you to achieve…

2•SELF DISCIPLINE: second thing is self discipline!!! Let your “NO be no” and let your “YES be you” you can deceive everybody but you can never deceive self, set your goals until that goals is accomplish every other is aside, the parties, the drinks, the flashing cars, the flashing clothes and shoes, you don’t need them as much as you think you need them, set your mind on your GOAL.

3•TAKE A LEAD: take responsibly of your success and failures, it make you the MAN, don’t hide under the excuses.

4•BE A FARMER AND A HUNTER: the best role you can play in a sustainable business is to be a farmer, because is only what is farmed that grow and becomes a source of income, but also aim to be a hunter, what is hunted is consume immediately, you need to hunt to be alive, but farm for future harvest. Been the

5•self determination: the best key, believing no matter the stagnation, the obstacle self determination always let makes you believing there is a Better day, it keeps you determined, no matter what

6•HARD WORK: like they say hard work pays you don’t expect to make the fortune over a day but you can try it day and Night, i. Believe in the say “that when you “WORK” well you will “EAT” well
Believe in what you do or else don’t just start!!!


One thought on “5 step to help to build a million dollar out of any business”

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