20 mistakes you don’t want to make in your 20’s

Good morning guys this article is simply for the young one, the “young youth”
Don’t let your mistakes in your early 20’s affect your future, because this Is the most beautiful stage of life, and it’s the beginning of all, below are some mistakes you don’t want to make

20) Working for money, not for
building your dreams.

19) Thinking that this is the right
time to fall in love.

18) Trying to act like a man
rather than learning how
to become one.

(17) Making friends instead of
earning trust.

(16) Not caring because you only
live once- that is for

15) Making all your wants, NEEDS.

14) Forgetting that Family comes

13) Blaming everyone else but
yourself for anything in life.

12) Getting too comfortable.

11) Sticking with jobs that din’t
teach you anything.

10) Following the crowd.

9) Failing to energize those around
8.Thinking that you need to stop
learning and growing.

7) Thinking that everyone will ever
pay you back.

6) Spending your money on
undeserving women.

5) Holding on to friends that waste
your time and add
no value to your life.

4) Forgetting about your piggy
bank and spending every

3) Unprotected Sex.

2) Dating unstable men/women.

1) Tattoo in your: yes it will make you beautiful in your 20’s but no child will be happy to see tattoos in his/her mummy’s neck, face,breast….it will not look nice in your 40’s


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