is it good for a girl to guy ask out

Good evening everybody….
i were listening to a radio program this evening, talking about “if it’s good for a girl to ask a guy out” alot of people called, giving their own Opinion!!!
Some said it’s good, some said it’s not advisable, while some other said that only happen in the western world, but there was a guy that called and said…. if a girl walk up to him and ask him out, first of all he will think the girl is either sick or has a bad spirit…..”hummm” there was a bit truth from what the guy said.
But for me i think it is not bad for a girl to ask a guy out but i should be DONE in a matured manner….this is like an Advise to the girls….it is very wrong for a girl to tell a boy “i love you, i want to you be my boyfriend..very wrong.
Instead it should be done in a manner of sign, you can show the boy some sign of affection like “greetings and appreciation,but not saying “i love you” the truth is the guy will think you are so chop, or he is so handsome, intelligent or think it’s because of his dressing or the cars he cruze on, am i guy believe me i know how guys feels, he will never Take you serious but nevertheless i think it depends on individual…
This is not just a post, it’s a debate so please leave a comment telling us your opinion, so other can learn from it…..


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