Life is complicated as they say but the truth life from my own point of view is not complicated, it’s mysterious, it’s dynamic and natural….
Because life itself is simple, but it’s goes with principles, theory that make’s it complicated, it’s like a moving car without “driver” the car is complete, it’s beautiful, it’s expensive, but without a driver it’s has no direction, such is life without knowing, learning and mastering the principles and theory of life,
In life nothing is accidental, every thing was meant to be, the failures and success, the peace and troubles everything was ordained but in all the key lies in here hands, trying to get rid of trouble but still getting into in, the future await’s us, the future is beauty, the future is only for the survival of the strongest and it’s worth it…..
Life is a battle field but not for weapons like guns or matchet but for mind’s and knowledge, living a life or riches presently is not a dreams but knowing what the future hold’s for you.


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