12 things women needs to know about men

i have been away for some time now doing some business and other, during this time, i came across something in the internet, about men leaving their wives or girl friends in festive period and all that, am not going to digg into that now, but my point is women always complain about men, at time they fail to realize that they just need to understand how some man feels that is all, understanding is the key, lack of understanding is death….
An average man has things he detest in ladies that ladies do not know. But today i will be sharing some of them….

1.Men do not want women with bad attitude
2.They do not want women who nags all the time over small things
3.Men hate women who compare them wit their ex-boyfriends
4.They don’t want women who never appreciates their efforts
5.They don’t like women who are disrespectful
6.Men hate women who gossips a lot
7.Men don’t like women who are not hygienic
8.Men do not like women who are lazy
9.Men don’t like women who act like dolls or teddy bears in the bedroom(actin all fake…..innocentyyy)
10.Men don’t like women who do not motivate them
11.Men do not want women who are not supportive
12.Men do not want women who hates their family members/ relatives….

Gals…..check if you do any of these….and FIX it.

I am not a guy but I think I’m right…


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