Welcome back from holiday, but today i will be taking about some easy ways you can easily know or tell when a guy really love’s you, below are some list.

1.He makes himself readable: what i mean by this is he’s always there any time you need him, he want’s to be your company in good and otherwise.

2. he will always compliment you: when a guy really loves you he will always compliment you, bet be careful, don’t get carried away by compliment.

3.He will always listens: this is very important because most ladies fine their self in a relationship where they will talking but no one is listening, their mate ignore them. This is one thing that needs to be observed in a new relationship.

4.He will never place judgment on you:
WHen a guy really love’s you he will never listen to what ever people are saying, regardless of what they say. And enter into a relationship with clear conscious.

5.He will always respect you:
What i mean is he will never make you feel uncomfortable, he will never speak to you in ugly language, but when he start doing so just note, that is the beginning of the end.

6.When he is passionate about you:
When is guy is passionate about you, that means he definitely love’s you, guys don’t look showing off in public, but if he tries then give him a chance.

7.He will always want to hear from you:
This is so, when you are in love with somebody you will always want to hear from you.

8.i love you:
Hummm not all i love really means it, but with the expression, the looks on his eye’s you can easily tell.


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