10 ways to step your life in 2013

The year is coming to an end!!!
i see people celebrating, it nice sweet, love the atmosphere, but don’t forget to think about year, how is going to be, because the beginning of everything matters a lot, here i have come up with 10 short list every body should at least have in mind for next year.

1.Own something:
Try to learn a tread, even if you are a worker, ownership is the key to financial freedom, don’t always depend on that your monthly salary.

2.Learn something new:
Learning never stops regardless of your age, my boss last week ask me to teach him how to blog, he is geek in computer but don’t know how to create blog, i showed him, that is something new.

3.Try to stop bad habit:
It a new year, try to stop some bad habit you have, like smoking, drinking, doing drugs, masturbating, lies, cheating and others.

4.Stand up for something:
There are a lot of things going on in your community, try to be engage, stand against something that is wrong.

5.Mentor a child:
take a child even if he/her is not your own, mentor him, put him or her in your to do list.

6.Write down you TO DO list:
Write down a short list of things you want to do next year, things you want to have,
Doing this will make you remenber thing you want to do for 2013, place it where you can see it every time.

7.Venture out of your comfort zone:
Try something out of your league, try to do things people thinks is impossible, start a business

8.Learn new habit:
Like new foreign language.

9.Try to improve:
Upgrade, change things about you,let there improvement about you.

10.Go for check up in the hospital, early detention is the key to survive in it {as they say}

11.Forgive your, pray for forgiveness and forgive others.
Happy new people………


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