University of life

In life many people seems to be following fake dreams, insecure future, they see every single way as the right!!!

Until you have a “picture of your future”
Your destiny can not function, you need information to strengthen your destination.
“The university of life”
No one is perfect, no one knows it all, but you can be the best of you.

In the university of life you don’t pen and paper, what you need is your mind and soul, you don’t need teachers or lecturers, what you need is “information”. Many people fail in the university of life because they fail to realize the main purpose of their existence in life.

Our destiny they say “lies in our hands, i know life is not too easy, except you were born with silver spoon, at time you feel so confused, feel neglected, forgeten by people you never forget..
i feel it too, we all do, always trying to please everybody around when no one care about you, i feel it too!!!

Always dreaming of a better days, hoping for miracles, working hard just to make thing work but nothing seems to be working as you expect, i also feel it…

But the different between us now is the secret to pass in the university of life, and that is what I’m going to share with you…

1.The grace of GOD:
Someone once told me, he said the greatest book in the world is “THE BIBLE” the more you read the more you know.

2.Be a hearer and a doer:

3.Focus on important things.

i know many will be expecting one full list or long article, but believe me when i say, this is the source of strength
After you finish reading try to apply what you have read in your day to day life….
See graduating from the university of life dear!!!


3 thoughts on “University of life”

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