Different business student can run while still in school

This common believe and life style of the people about how to live their lives, some will say, go to school earn a degree, get a nice job in a big company, that is all, it all “good” but the truth is every year thousands of student graduate from the university and after their. services you found out that 80% are still at home no work, 10% got joy maybe by influence, 5% got job by luck while the other 5% are into business or something else.
My point is while in school student can start doing something that can bring in money, not just waiting for our parent.
Government are not helping matters, they are after their stomach.
Below are some list of business student can start running while still in school without disturbing your studies.

1.Web designer•
Sounds strange, do you know you can learn this skill within A week, and start using it to make money within and outside the school.
Web designer: they design websites and blogs, they bring out the beauty of the site, they arrange and put in place the necessary information. And this people charge between 5-50,000 naira, it depends on who the customer is and what they need.

2.Food and eateries:
Funny but a good idea, you will agree with me that student don’t like cooking, even you as a student but you can rent a plot of land build it up with wood, employ cooks and sales person to run it for you.

3.Selling handout and past questions for new student, you can put the information together print on a paper or photocopy them and sale any amount you like.

4.Phones and computer repair:
If you know how to do this things even if you don’t how you can learn them within 2 months, let you friends know you can do, at least almost every student in school has computer and phone, what are you waiting for.

5.Website and blog creator:
As the internet is on the high speed, every body want to have a website or a blog for one reason or the other.
If you know how to create blog oR website you can make a lot money from this, even if you know i can teach you how.

6.Ebook making and selling:
There are some expensive text book in school you can copy this, use it to make an ebook if you know how, and sale at a low rate, let other student know and they will be happy to buy and download at cheap rate.
If you don’t know how i can teach you

7.Event planner,
It is no news that student love entertainment and parties, so why don’t you give them the opportunity of having one, create a special day for them like: “igbo day” “yoruba day” “EDO day” “ladies day” boys day etc.

i bet you all this ideas will work out fine, if you apply the right key…
For assistants on any of this ideas or more feel free to contact me, by commenting.


8 thoughts on “Different business student can run while still in school”

  1. Please I’m game with wed desighning and blog creation please enlighting me on this and what it will cost me,I’ll pay. 08032381160

  2. Please I need your help on the aspect of blog creating and website design… Thanks will appreciate if given immediate respond to my request.

  3. Please i need your assistance. How is blog creation, website designing is. Hw can i create ebooks. Please elight me. I really need to get something doing now. Pls help me. Tank u very much for ur time to see to this topic. Tanks

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