ways to improve your sex life

In this article ‎i will show you 5 ways you can enjoy sex to the bone!!!

1.Thinking: When having sex try to forget about every borden in your mind focus on having a nice time, not thinking about your horrible day.

2.Feel free: this helps a lot when having sex, try to feel free even if you are doing it in your family living room, or inside your car, just focus your mind in what your are doing.

3.Foreplay: don’t ever forget this we ladies are not cars you can just jump on and drive, try to get us in the mood, this way you and your girl will be ready, stimulated and enjoy the moment.

4.Make eye contact: this will make you feel more love for your partner, looking into each others eyes while you are inside her ohhh it feel wonderful.

5.Grounded: oh i love this, holding each other in a sexual motion reopen your heart to each other.

6.Then this last one is the environment, with cool bed sheet, good cool music and a pink color light in the room makes your moment wonderful.


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