Approaching an attractive woman

Every man out there want to date an attractive woman, but in most cases they are also “afraid of attractive women or let me say shy, may be from responsibilities and the fear of been rejected.

But before you go for an attractive woman below are some of the THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW:

• Attractive women know’s they are attractive, so they set high expectation.
• Attractive women in their early 20es are hard and expensive to get, but the once
In their late 20es or early 30th easier, because now they now know’s what reasonable men really want, they now have experience over how things works.
•attractive women are very “expensive” because they want the best of everything.
•attractive women get anything they want.
•attractive women can’t fall for you because you have a dream, they can fall for you because you have achieved your dream.
•attractive women hardly fall in love.
•attractive ladies (some of them) has nothing left for new lover, because every man want to have a bit of them.

I not writing this to scary you away, i am just saying be ready!!!
Also am not writing this post to discriminate attractive ladies, i mean guys need to know this.

I have written some of the things you need to know, now below are some the THINGS YOU HAVE TO DO:

1• BE A MAN: for an attractive lady to listen and respect you, you have to make her feel like you know what you are doing, that you are a man of your words, not a talkative, not an inexperience boy, take control of the conversation, the atmosphere, be in charge.

2• DON’T BOUNCE: don’t just walk up to and start confessing love, NO she will just write you off, first start as friend, not too deep, from the next 3days you can start to take actions.

3• The next step is calling her: just some normal greeting.

4• Act like a pro: know what you say before you say it, “and more” try to invite her to your big boys part, And introduce her to people she respect.

5• Be prepared to spend: maybe for the first five time’s you out on date, control atmosphere.

6• Don’t be too typical: drop your game face, show her you care. Don’t just come out and tell her “you are gorgeous or beautiful, make it simple tell her you want to know her more and maybe over dinner.

My advice to attractive ladies:

• Be very careful not all men that says “i love you” really mean some just want to get a bit of you.
• Try to keep you beauty when young, if not you will to realized there’s nothing.
• Men are insecured with attractive lady, they attractive ladies always look out for more even when they are in serious relationship, so show your man you are different.


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