safest cities in nigeria

From my own opinion, i am giving out this list below as the best cities in nigeria, “WHY” because they low crime rate, no religious crisis, no triber crisis, average security, low unemployment rate, great employment chances, a place you can retire to, a place you can train and bring up your children, friendly people, a place where english is generally spoken and lastly well organize,

1.Cross river state “calabar”
Calabar is the capital city os cross river, the city was the former capital city of nigeria until it was move to abuja, calabar still remain a place for all, peaceful people, most of them are Christian, but also have regards for other religion, calabar is a home for tourism, with some of their yearly festival you will love it.

2.River state: port harcourt
Port harcourt is the capital city or river state, the city is the 5th most populated city in nigeria, and it has the largest economices in nigeria, mainly because of crude oil there, and other many factories, seaport and other industries. But be careful

3.Imo: owerri
Owerri is this list because of it’s beauty and religious violence free

4.Abuja: fct
Nigeria capital city, it’s like paradise, job opportunity is at average level, industries and factories are its major source.

5.EDO state: benin city
The city of hope and peace, its know for it’s friendly, you can never be lost, generally speaking of english language by both old and young, its one of the safest city, under a speed development of roads and infrastructures by the government of the state, low crime rate, no triber fight,the people have regards for all religions,with alot beautiful sexy girls all round the busy nigh life area of the city, weekend parties, nightclub, opportunities is at average, i really love the ways of the city.

There are other many beautiful cities nigeria i didn’t include them because of high crime rate, place like:

Abia: rituals

Onitsha: robberies.

Warri: kidnapping, violence, pocket picking.

Bayelsa: kidnapping

Kaduna: bombing.

Lagos: violence of all kind, stealing, killings,prostitution, bribe, pocket picking, rap, rituals, human sacrifices for money, and every kind of those guys living there are really trying. Over population

Kanu: bombing of churches and public places.

Port harcort: kidnapping.

Maduguri: religious fight, bombing by islamic boko harams sets.

Sokoto: know for religious crisis.{Boko haram}


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