marriage is a blessing

Marriage is an honorable thing in the presence of our creator lord GOD upmighty.
I have to travel a 4hour journey today from benin to port harcout, for a senior officer in my office today.

According to the groom’s father, marriage is like a sweet and beautiful soup cook with a big sweet fish to enjoy, but it must be eaten carefully because there hooks and bone inside, it has to be eaten with care so that you will not eat and start regretting why you eat the food,
Same goes for marriage, before your chose your forever live partner, you have to think carefully be ready for any things that could happen,”the good, the bad, the ugly, enjoyment and all.
So in any way “marriage is a wonderful thing.
Seeing the “bride and the groom today with so much joy, i was jealous and thinking i wish it was my own wedding day.
Any way am still very young,

Now am using this opportunity to congratulate every new WEDDED couples in town, may your marriage see success, may you see your children children.


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One thought on “marriage is a blessing”

  1. Marriage is a wonderful thing in a life time according to apostle pual in the bible that you need to do some physibility study of whom you are dealing with but one needed to be very careful b4 thinking of marriage..(1)financial aspects of it and so many things unmentioned.

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