how to get your self a girl friend

Getting a girl friend is one major problem for many guys, so because of this they now start thinking otherwise.
Some will say or think when they are always looking good dress neat girl will answer them while other will say or think when they have money girls will answer them, but to be frank all this things work on some girl not { all }
So i have decide to give some tip on getting girl.

1.Appearance: all girls want the best, so you appearance matters a lot,
Good hair cut
Nice dress, so before you approach a girl you need to put this things in order.

2.Good speaker: speak well, say your mind, not acting as if you are saying something you memories, we girls like guy that speak with confidence, but not too much, but at least try to feel free when talking.

3.Hobby: try to know what she likes
Any thing she like you can use it to get her easily.

4.Manners: having a good manner of approach works all ways both to men and women even life it self, it work all ways the way you walk up to her matters, the way you call her matters, even if she didn’t answer you the first time, the way you meet her the nest time also matter.

5.Try to be original: like when complimenting a girl you just meet try to be your self, don’t repeat same word over and over, it will make you look childish e.g i like your hair, the ways look way you were playing with those kid, it make me feel, you will be a wife material, some thing clever, something sexy, something refreshing.

5.sense or humor: i personally i always like to laugh.

But if all this friendly thing are not working out you should try some hard tips like
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Getting a girl to love you “either by
Hook or by crook.


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