the ungodly elite

I’m writing this, just to show the world how displeased i am for Christian, my mind is bitter because the church of christ is “GONE”
Nowadays all you see in church is worldly things, they are turning the church to social media, all kind of abomination, the kingdom of darkness is using elite to destroy the church.
Evangelism is gone”
No more for christ”
Fasting is gone, youth of this days can’t fast and pray for 2 hour but they can chat all day long!
True worship is gone”
Real believers are no more”
All we now see is Christian in thy month but not in thy heart”

The evil spirit money has capture many pastors,
The world is been ruled by ungodly elites, the kingdom of darkness is planing day and night on how to enslave humanity and the church are standing by look.
People are directly and indirectly fighting the church and prosecuting jesus the second time and the church is looking.”What is going on”

Ever since {world war 2} America has been a nation for GOD to the world, a country whose foundation was built on GOD word, but now the kingdom of darkness has taken over, using wealthy people & famous people like
Musical artist
Actors & actress
Famous Writer
The internet
to deceive the world, mostly the youth and the teenagers to believe is normal to sin, have sex without marriage, lesbian, homosexual, doing all kinds of evil even as a Christian.

Today a lot of pastors are sleeping with girl even women in the church, deceiving the church to pack their money, using the church money to live wayward life while many church members have nothing doing, still hungry.

Pastors no longer preach about the kingdom of GOD, they don’t preach about how to make heaven or how to please GOD, all they preach about is blessing blessing, getting money, some even barely mention the name of jesus in their preaching.

Today the so-called gospel singers we have around are all something else, all they now think about is how their music can make them money, fame, famous and winning Awards, not impacting lives or winning of soul for GOD. Some even feature worldly famous artist in their songs just to have fame. Some even don’t mention the name of GOD in their songs.
The ungodly elites are using them to deceive the church.

Many has lost their lives, selling their soul to the devil, for money and fame.

Young people instead of thinking about how to do the work GOD, they think about how to make money fast, how to sleep with all the girls that come pass them.
Some are busing all day thinking of how to be like musical artist and actors calling them their GOD, idol.
Christians are no longer Christian all we now see around are church goers

Repent jesus is calling you back, he is begging on our behalf day and night, come back to him, don’t persecute him the second time

pls i don’t want anybody to take this personal as an insult am just saying my mind.

Also feel free to share this among you friends and to the general public.
Thank you!!!


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