making your partner happy without sex

Many of our young relationship, marriages and even matured couple think sex is the major way you can keep your girlfriend or wife happy or special.
But if you are still thinking that way well, i here to let you know that there are many other ways.

1.To me one of the ways to keep your woman happy is by spending more time with her.

2.Always let her know you are there for her, in trouble and in happiness, let her know you will always be here.

3.Always remember to spend her surprise with gift when she don’t even expect it.

4.Show in interest in her hobby, some guys will say i don’t that thing you are doing forgetting that she’s doing because she love it, instead of condemning what she is doing show some interest.

5.I men are always busy but try to always drop a love letter before going to work in the morning.

6.One thing that is not common with men is “massaging” this is what we women love and want from our men is massage, but, without sex. Most men can’t stand this massage without sex women love it.

7.Recommend her in public then correct her in private.

8.Always go on a date like it was your first date.

9.Try to create a love atmosphere.

10.Be on time, try not keeping your woman waiting either in a date or in a promise, always be on time to deliver.

This are some of the things most men needs to realized, that sex is not every thing a relationship or marriage can not last solely on sex.


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