oh nigeria

Nigeria was once know to be a bless country, many great nation see nigeria as a country the lord him self stand for.
On like most country where disaster, earth quack and all manners of things are happening, nigeria was exempted, not until last year, Nigeria is no more the country we use to have, within 1year all manner of evil are happening in every conner of the country,

More than 3000 Christians has be killed by a nor civilized group called {BOKO HARAM}.
And not forgetting the DANA AIR CRASH on june 3 2012 that killed about 163 people, destroying lives and property. And even the burning alive of 4 student in port harcourt aluu community and now it’s flood taking over, killing people and making thousands of people homeless.
And they are still predicting hardship from next year.
This bring me to the question, what is happening to NIGERIA.

If you are a nigerians and you are reading this, pls after reading don’t just go take two minute to pray for our only nation, pray that the evil plan will not over rule us in jesus. Name


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