Most things men want from women

Many marriages and relationships has broken up, because most couples don’t understand them self. Because understanding your self can take the relationship a very long way.
But as a matter of fact there is a very big difference between men and women, rating from physical appearance to behavior, manner, every things is truly different, so as, “WANT, what men need from their partner is different from what women want from men in a relationship.
So from my own point of view, this are some list of what men want from their spouse.

Men like to be respected all the time, even if the woman is the bread winner of the family, the man is the head of the house and he deserve that respect, but “any man that don’t respect his wife should not expect any respect from his wife, it will then look like oppressing the woman, so it should be 60% for men 40%for woman, that is the only way the respect in a relationship can last.

Some men want sex even more than food from women, it keep running through their minds and thinking, some think they can use sex to reduce their stress and some think is the best way to show love to their lover, So they need sex to it’s satisfaction.

Men need it from their spouse, the level of support a man get from his wife determine how motivated the man will go.
“They in every successful man their is a woman”.

4.Advice and encouragement:
advice, hope, encouragement from women can make men go a very long way in life, and this will make the man want to protect the relationship.

For every little or big thing you give from your man appreciate him, ladies learn to be thankful especially when a man own his will went out and get something for you or you just ask and he did it appreciate him, it will make him do more.

6.Love for his family:
Men don’t like it when a woman start saying bad things about this family, they feel disgrace, and that will cause troubles.

Men love women that are neat, clean, that can put thing in order, not a dirty type.

In as much as men need all the above listed things, they also. Respect good cook, some body that is always there when they are hungry.

Men love women that are caring, women that are always look out for their men, not the once that are only concern about them self.

Understanding your man, knowing what you he want or need is very important in any relationship, knowing when he is in a mood how he behave, is the no1 thing i will advice every lady to know about their men, but how do you know what he like, search no more “this my new ebook will teach you how.
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10.Good Sense of humor:
Making your men laugh will always
be there, because every body like to laugh, this is only thing that is common between men and women.


Total submitting to your husband matters a lot.


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