What you need to know about men

I have always be talking about we the women, forgetting men, so today am talking about the men, things you don’t know about men and things you need to know, is what i will talking about today.

1.MEN HAS FEELINGS TOO: you know a lot of young girls even some women still thinks all men are cheater, players, its a lie some men act because of the frustrations and disappointment they have had with we the ladies, men do cry, men do experience heart break
too, they has emotions when you start taking about you ex, it make men feel oppressed, when they see you in that guy’ car it feel so hard for them, there is softness some where in there for men, small but so deep.

2.MAN THINK ABOUT SEX AS PART OF LIFE: on like women who thinks about sex as love but for men it like a part of life for them that can not be taken away, so they want it to the full, if their wife couldn’t satisfy them, they go out and look for something to satisfy them self.

3.MEN can never tell you everything about them self, or everything that happen at work, most men 65%

4.MEN ALWAYS WANT TO FEEL ON TOP: in every aspect of life, either in their relationship, at home in the family, they likes to be in charge

5.Most Men sees sex as a way to express their love, love making “sex” not foreplay they Just to get down to the point without wasting time, is we the women that need foreplay to charge up, not men.

6.MEN PREFER BEAUTY THAN SUCCESS IN WOMEN: most are not interested in woman success as long as she is good looking that does it al.l


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