The kind of lady every man wants

This is a great post i expect every young lady to read and learn from, you need to know what men want in women, most will take sex as number one issue when it comes to men, but the truth is most men look behind that they look inward, they study ladies, they ask questions any girl they really likes, some of which are

1.BEAUTIFUL: is no news that men are moved by sight, when they see a beautiful girl, they come closer, but when you are beautiful outside and ugly inside they will just go away.

2.CONFIDENCE: a woman who know quality, and go after the best, a woman who’s yes is yes and no is no, a woman that is ready to go extra mile to get what she want, is. What men will like to go after.

3.Ambitious: a woman that is ambitious, that Has dream, that is always looking forward to the future to a brighter day is who men will like to go for.

4.SAME INTEREST: a man will always look for woman with same interest with him it make things easier, like football, basket ball, movies and musics, if the two of you share same interest, you will enjoy playing together.

5.Independence: man like women that can stand on their own not a liability.

6.Straightforward: men like women that are straightforward they make the process of knowing them easier, because they know how to avoid the wrong guys and create room for the real men.

7.intelligent: men like women that are wise, women with wisdom, that know right from left.

8.GOOD sense of humor: ahh even the “old and young” always will like to laugh so having a woman that always give you the satisfy, is a dream come pass, so we must not forget that part.

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