Making your relationship last

Today i will be talking about how to build up a relationship and making it last or even lead to a lasting marriage, you see most times a lot of young boys and girl enter at least 7 different relationship before founding their right. Which is not “OK”

I also seen some people after first or second relationship, they know the right partner for them but now am not talking about how to find the right partner am talking about how to make your relationship last.
Because a couple that don’t know how to keep their
Marriage or relationship alive, will just broke down,

Here are some tips and way to keep your marriage alive!!!

1. LISTEN: always try to listen to your partner advice on something, doing what they say can actually make your relationship grow stronger.

2.SURPRISE: surprise your partner when they don’t expect, don’t just wait till their birthdays, Christmas, or valentine’ day before you can buy them gift, send them gift, make a shout out to them in radio, buy them underwear, and other meaningful things

3.HELP THEM WORK: for men you can help the ladies out in home work at times, shower the children, make breakfast,mop the floor, wash clothes and just tell your wife to relax, then for the ladies shave your mans armpit, shave their hair, shower them, cook good meal.

4.DEFEND YOUR PARTNER IN PUBLIC: whoo i were not helping to write this, it just came to my mind.
Yes defend them out side even if they are wrong, but when they come inside you can now tell him or her you were wrong, but in public try to defend them, this will make them very proud of you.

5.GO TO MOVIES: go out at time to check out new things in town, go to movies, dates, churches, garden,shopping and other places they love to be

6.SHARE THING TOGETHER: like private informations, secrets, family stories, past experience.

7.ALWAYS OPEN UP: tell your partner the truth, tell them your DREAMS, what you want to become, what you want to be, thing you will like to accomplish.

8.BE THANKfUL: for their support, the gift, the meal, the love, always try to be thankful, because as your thank you are indirectly asking for more.

9.BE FAITHFUL: always be faithful, say the truth, reject cheating.

10.TALK ABOUT SEX: don’t be shy, say your mind about your sexual life, thing you like and things you don’t like about sex.

11.Send love messages, love a love letter.

12.Spend time together, talk a walk no car be talking about the future.

13.Be proud of your partner: say good words about them to your friends and family, in public, in schools every where, so that when they found out they will also be proud and happy.

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