The other day, a teen was telling a senior citizen why the older generation doesn’t understand the younger. “You grew up in a primitive world” he said we’ve got space travel, nuclear energy and computers!!!

Smiling the old man replied; yes you are right, we didn’t have those things that was why we invented them!!.

so here is the big question “WHAT” are you doing to bless your future generations?

When we were growing up our parents will try all they can to sponsor us in school; hoping, thinking, saying our children will graduate get a good job and take care of us, now you are growing up, are going to let your parent “down?

The future begins from “NOW” tomorrow maybe too late, somebody invented cars, mark invented “facebook” even “WORDPRESS”

What are you doing to influence the next generation?!!!

What will be remembered for?after many.

are you just going to sit there down and look, clap for other that win, always be a follower.

Be a blessing, impact lives positively so that you will be remembered after many years to come.

hope this help shout out!!!



  1. Hi!

    Really inspiring article 🙂

    Me and my friends believe in inspiring the young students and make them believe they can change the world. We believe that they would be amazed and further inspire others and take our cause as their own.

    We are doing this by creating ‘txtbuk’, a magazine exclusively for college students that would serve our purpose. It will be in a unique scrapbook form having personal articles from a range of diverse topics which also include inspiring young hearts.

    On the behalf of my team, I request you to help us with our cause by giving us a chance to use your work through which we can take your voice forward to the readers and let them feel inspired by this wonderful piece of work.

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