Do you want to be a winner, if yes then compete against yourself first and not somebody else.
Out running your rival doesn’t mean you can run your best race.
You can win others and still not fulfill your potentials. To be your best you must compete with your self Its the biggest contest.
“ALEXANDER THE GREAT” conquered the world, yet cursed his own LACK of self control.

Victory over other all the time may in fact be the very thing that contribute to the WINNERS failure to conquer self.


It’s not what happen to you that will make the difference, it’s how you handle it.

To win the greatest battle of all!!! one must first win the battle of his mind, because in the mind comes all manners of things, winning the battle of the mind is

1.Knowing your potentials
2.Understanding your strengths
3.Knowing your capabilities
4.It make you take control of your self and your strength, after winning the battle of the mind there will be
No barriers in your ways
No valley too deep
No mountain too high
No challenge too great
No dream too extreme for you try to take control of what you do, and not what you do take control of you


3 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE MIND!!!”

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