Sex education and some15 secret facts, many people don’t know about sex, is what i will be sharing today in this article,

1.Semen contains zinc and calcium, both are proven to prevent tooth decay.

2.Vibrators was originally used as medicinal treatment for female hysteria in 19th century

3.After ejaculation most men experience a period of of time where they are physically incapable of achieving any erection, no matter how much they are stimulated.

4.Some Men feel less affection for ladies immediately after ejaculation.

5.Sale of vibrators are banned in alabama and mississippi.

6.Homosexual was in America psychiatric association list of mental illness until 1973.

7.The more sex you have, the more you want, even more.

8.Sex reduce tension and stress.

9.Masturbating too much make’s you less interested in sex.

10.Men like and want sex more than women.

11.Women enjoy sex more than men.

12.Men who help with home work have more sex.

13.Small breast respond highly, than large breast.

14.The only mammals that undergo menopause are!!! ELEPHANT, HUMPBACK, WHALE, and then human female.

15.A girl first mentral period is called MENORCHE


3 thoughts on “15 FACTS YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT SEX”

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