31 Quotes to inspire you to success

how has life turn out to be for you, i guest you have achieve most of the things you wish for, or may be not, may be still at the bottom of the economy ladder of your country, in any way what happen to a man is “equal” to a man.
But in all the same, life has definitely not turn out to Be the way most people expected it to be, including the writer.
but one word has always be helping going in life which is “KEEP ON PUSHING” this word has be a source of power to me, and am very sure it will also work for you too.
But in this article, i will be sharing some tips, or idea to get you going


1.Opportunity don’t happen you create them.

2.Don’t complain just work.

3.Before you can work smart, you need to work hard first.

4.Don’t worry there is never a crowed in the road of success.

5.Am not afraid of dying, am afraid of not trying.

6.The grass is greener where you are, just water it

7.If there is anything you should fear, success.

8.Life doesn’t have to suck do something about it

9.As you lay our bed so you lay on it.

10.What happen to a man is equal to a man.

11.What you sow, you rip.

12.The elevator to success is bad, you will have to use the stairs, one step at a time.

13.The only place success occur before work is in the dictionary.

14.The presents is theirs, the future is my.

15.Success is the worst teacher.

16.If you want to manage somebody start from your self do it well and you will stop managing.

17.We are all wonderfully made, but only the wise one know

18.If you don’t take chance, you don’t stand a chance.

19.A successful person is some one who can lay a solid foundation with the brick other throw at them

20.“LUCK” is where preparation meet opportunity.

21.The only thing that come to those who wait are the left behind of those that hustle.

22.Fall down seven times, get up eight times.

23.Nothing is impossible.

24.Champions don’t worry about being better than someone else, they focus on being the best they can be.

25.Life isn’t about how to weather the storm, its how to “DANCE IN THE RAIN.

27.Create your destiny or some one else will.

28. Success is not what we have, is what we are.

29.Learning from success is impossible, but learning from mistake’s is vital to succeeding.

30.True nobility is not been better than anyone else is been better than who we use to be.

You are in position of making it happen just work hard and have faith, the land. Is green, the sky is your limit


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